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AC Milan vs Juventus Live Stream –Watch Italian Serie A Online

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The Italian Serie A-League is one of the most popular professional soccer tournaments globally. Two giants of the Italian League, AC Milan and Juventus, need no introduction to spectators. The match between these two giants is the most awaited fixture on the calendar.

AC Milan is looking to bounce back after a shocking defeat in their last game. On the other hand, Juventus badly needs a win to move into the top four in League. So indeed can say it will be a fighting match.

AC Milan vs Juventus Live

  • Match Between: AC Milan vs Juventus
  • Game Venue: San Siro Stadium (Milan, Italy)
  • Kick-off Date: 24 January 2022.
  • Kick-off Day: Monday
  • Kick-off Time: 7: 45 PM (GMT)

We provide vital information for all Italian fans like injury reports, prediction, and live streaming ways.

AC Milan vs Juventus Injury Reports

Injuries had a notable effect on performances in any kind of League or international tournament. Injuries affect team performances negatively in professional football. Many young or energetic players make a lot of losses in their career for being injured.

A team always has a plan with their best options, but management has to change their strategy and break the team spirit when wounded. Team management should be careful with their players in the practice session and matches. Let’s look at the list of injured players of AC Milan and Juventus.

AC Milan Injury Report

In this session, AC Milan continued facing problems for their injured players as they tried their best to prevent them quickly and fit to play.

Fikayo Tomori plays as a defender in AC Milan. He had suffered from a knee injury. The team management is hopeful that he will be able to join the team in practice in early February.

One of the best forward of AC Milan is Pietro Pellegri, who had been injured by the tear in the abductor’s muscle since the early week of December 2021 in the match with Salernitana. In February, he had a chance to get back with the team.

The alternate goalkeeper Alessandro Plizzari is suffering from a knee injury. Physicians hope that he can join the team in practice in early January.

AC Milan defender Simon Kjaer is out for the rest of the season causes of his ACL injury. In early December of 2021, he had injured against Geona, while AC Milan won that match with a 3-0. Simon Kjaer had undergone surgery, but he had to wait for play for at least six months.

Fodé Ballo is a Senegalese national team player who plays as a centre-back for AC Milan. AC Milan central midfielder F. Yannick Kessie who plays for the Ivorian National team. AC Milan will not get Fodé Ballo and Yannick Kessie because they are now playing in the Africa Cup of Nations for their National Team.

Juventus Injury Report

Juventus players have suffered fewer injuries this season than any other team. Only a few numbers of players are being injured.

C. Marco Da mainly plays as a forward of Juventus U-23. He is suffering from some kind of heart problem. His heartbeat is irregular. He is now taking a rest with therapy and will be back in mid-February.

Italy National Team star defender Leonardo Bonucci also plays as a centre-back for Juventus. Leanardo Bonucci sustained a knock that took him out of a big clash against Napoli in early January 2022. He will most likely miss the next few matches.

Another Juventus star, Federico Chiesa ruled out for the rest of the season because of an ACL injury. The last Sunday, during the match of Juventus vs Roma, he felt a blunt trauma sprain in his left knee; after an observation, physicians said it was an ACL injury.

AC Milan vs Juventus: Predictions

Viewers always want to enjoy the game with full of satisfaction. Do you all want to know how exciting the game can be? Spectator wants to know every small thing in detail about the own side’s team and the opposite team. So that is the reason our experts are always ready to give all kinds of possible information to the Spector. Let’s discuss the match predictions of AC Milan vs Juventus. 

If we look at the statics there, we can see that AC Milan and Juventus had faced each other in Serie A League 55 times. Among those 55 matches, AC Milan won 14 games, whereas Juventus won 27 games with 14 draw matches.

And this venue means in San Siro stadium Ac Milan won 7, Juventus won 19 games from 34 games where they draw eight times. In the last five head-to-head competitions in Serie A-League, AC Milan won 2, Juventus won 2, and the other was a draw.

AC Milan is now standing in the 2nd top position in the Italian Serie A-League point table, where Inter Milan holds the 1st position indifference of two points from AC Milan. So, obviously, AC Milan wants to be the top with a win against Juventus.

AC Milan lost their points in the last game against Spezia. However, AC Milan took a lead of 1-0 in the first half, though, in the second half, Spezia equalized in 64th minute. AC Milan missed many chances to score a goal, but they didn’t make it, more ever they missed a penalty and lost the game more ever. So they do not want to lose point anymore with Juventus.

On the other side, Juventus is standing in the 5th  position in the Italian Serie A-League point table. Juventus is unbeaten in the last five matches. They are now improving themselves.

Although AC Milan has their home advantages, Juventus had a good record in San Siro. Juventus now has their best options to make their best eleven against AC Milan, where AC Milan is afflicted with injury and Africa Cup of Nations.

Juventus are doing fantastic in the last eight matches of Serie A. With two draws, they made six wins; as a result, they moved forward to the point table. And this match must be more important to win for Juventus. Even Juventus have a chance to do something better from this situation.

Watch AC Milan vs Juventus on TV and Stream

Generally, people like to watch football live from the stadium, but sometimes it cannot happen. Sometimes due to lack of tickets, or available time or might be for the others reasons. Now, people do not want to go to the stadium for the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

But if people can’t stop watching the game, how will they enjoy it? Of course, TV is the first choice of people in this case. So we will let you know. How can you watch the live AC Milan vs Juventus match on Tv?

How to Watch AC Milan vs Juventus on TV?

If you live in the UK, you can watch this match through BT Sport. If you are from the US, you can watch on Paramount Plus. Through Fox Sports/Kayo Sports, you can watch AC Milan vs Juventus match Live.

In the US broadcast right of Serie A, matches are bow with Paramount Plus. You can easily get their subscription for only $4.99 a month for add supported essential plan.

How to Watch AC Milan vs Juventus Live Streaming?

If you do not have much time to watch on TV and want to watch on your Mobile, Android, iOS, surface, Laptop, or any other digital device, you also have options. Paramount Plus and BT Sport are live streaming on all digital platforms.

AC Milan vs Juventus Live

After all of this discussion, we can say that the match of AC Milan vs Juventus will be an exciting match. Here’s how AC Milan wants to win to secure their top position; Juventus will also want to improve their place in the Serie A League point table.

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