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Camp Nou to be shut for renovations in 2023/24 season

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Barcelona has announced plans to shut down Camp Nou next season for renovations.

The iconic stadium will be closed for the duration of the 2023/24 season as the club prepares to put the investment received from Spotify to good use. The first phase of the renovations, however, will begin in June, and is expected to take a few seasons to complete.

The Blaugrana home stadium was first opened in 1957 and after a number of upgrades that happened in the seasons that followed, became the largest stadium in Europe. The Camp Nou grounds currently have a capacity of 99,354.

Earlier in the month, Barcelona and Spotify signed a mega deal which would see an injection of funds of up to £256 million over the next four seasons from the audio streaming platform. Spotify also purchased the naming rights to the Catalan club’s stadium, which would see it renamed as “Spotify Camp Nou” for four seasons starting from 2022/23.

The new, modified “Spotify Camp Nou” will seat about 100,000 after renovations, according to reports. Barcelona will play their home games at the Olympic Stadium while the renovations at Camp Nou are ongoing.

Barcelona statement about Camp Nou renovation

The club released an official statement confirming the news on their website on Wednesday. The statement, which confirms that the renovation will be in phases, reads: “Renovation work on the Camp Nou, the epicentre of the Espai Barça project, will begin this June, as soon as the football season has ended, and in accordance with the building permit approved this morning.

“The work will focus on the first and second tier, technological aspects, the environs of the stadium, and exterior urbanisation.

“Actions inside the Camp Nou will include the demolition of the additional structure in the South Goal zone where the Medical Centre was located, restoration work, anti-carbonation and waterproofing of the stands, as well as structural finishes and the improvement and renovation of retransmission systems.

“As President Joan Laporta said a few weeks ago, given the uncertainties generated by the war in Ukraine, especially with regard to the cost and availability of materials, a precautionary principle is to be observed in order to minimise risks and protect next season’s revenue, but with the least possible impact on the works schedule.

“The demolition of the third tier will therefore go ahead in the summer of 2023, which will win time given the current uncertainty of prices, and will ensure that the Camp Nou can operate at virtually full capacity next season. Demolition any earlier would have meant having to play the 2022/23 season with just 50% of capacity.

“The future Camp Nou will incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, including a 360º screen inside the ‘bowl’ that will offer a new fan experience,” Barca’s statement continues.

“The security and vehicle access control systems will also be improved and maximum use will be made of the possibilities offered by 5G connectivity.”

The Olympic Stadium: Barcelona’s home from 2023/24

The Olympic Stadium is directly under the control of the RFEF, the football governing body of Spain. It is based in Montjuïc, Barcelona, and was built for the Olympic games, which Spain hosted in 1992.

The stadium is officially known as the Lluís Company Stadium and has a capacity of 55,926. It will host Barcelona’s home games until the 2025/26 season, when the club has estimated the renovations at Camp Nou to be completed.

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