Cardiff are interested in signing Gareth Bale this summer

Gareth Bale will leave Real Madrid when his contract expires on June 30 and Cardiff are interested in signing Gareth Bale.


The Welsh forward is uncertain about what follows, but it is dependent on whether Wales qualifies for the World Cup.

When Roxette sang the hit track, “It must have been love”, she must have had Gareth Bale on her mind. The Welsh forward has had a tepid past couple of seasons at Real Madrid, but the love affair is over now.


It is not unusual to see a love affair that seemed made in heaven go awry, and the two parties become enemies. The list is long of players who seemed to enjoy a relationship that would last forever, only for things to go south.

There is something different at Real Madrid. The fans have enjoyed so much success that they feel like royalty, and they expect the players to treat them as such. A player could be loved and adored by Los Blancos fans, but one false move would see them turn on him like a pack of wolves.


No one understands this better than Gareth Bale. He was once a darling of the Bernabeu faithful. The Welsh man sees his contract end this summer, and the club is eager to see his back.

Cardiff, Wales and an uncertain future

The topsy-turvy affair between Gareth Bale and Real Madrid will end this summer with the Welshman uncertain of what lies ahead for him. There have been rumors concerning a possible retirement from the game, but all that is unconfirmed.


While Bale mulls over his future and discussions continue over his next port of call, Cardiff have emerged as a surprise contender to sign the forward. The agent confirmed that a return to his home country is likely.

Gareth Bale arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu amid fanfare and delivered in his early years at the club. Things started to go south with a consistent spate of injuries and the Welshman putting his country before the club. Real Madrid tried to offload him, but Gareth Bale preferred to see out his contract, which drew the ire of the fans.

A future dependent on the World Cup

Wales wait on the sidelines to know their fate over the upcoming World Cup. Wales awaits a decision on the outcome of the Scotland /Ukraine tie. Whatever UEFA decides, Wales will play either of the two countries on June 5.

Bale would join a new club ahead of the tournament in November if Wales makes it to the World Cup. It is unclear what follows for Gareth Bale if Wales misses out on the World Cup.

Cardiff is among the clubs interested in signing Gareth Bale. Jonathan Barnett, the player’s agent, spoke to the Portuguese newspaper Record. Barnett claims decisions would be based on Wales’s status ahead of the World Cup. He claims Bale is more likely to return to England.

The 32-year-old has spent nine seasons with Real Madrid and won 15 trophies, including four Champions League titles.


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