It’s finally come home! England women beat Germany to win Euro 2022

England’s female national team beat Germany 2-1 at Wembley to be crowned European champions. They achieved the feat in the front of a record-breaking crowd of 87,192.


Any trophy will do, as far as it has to do with the English national team. For a country that has suffered a lengthy drought of international titles, they appreciated the chance to sing it is coming home. It matters little what competition it is.

England have craved an international trophy, and every time it looked close, they lost it at the dying moments. On several occasions, the male team has received praise and tipped to either rule Europe or the world. Since 1966, the dream is yet to come to pass.


While the Three Lions remain the pride of English football, England had something to cheer about this weekend as the Lionesses did what their male counterparts could not do. They conquered Europe after beating Germany in the final of the Women’s Euro Championship.

Lionesses rule Europe

It is the first time a female football competition is enjoying massive support. The turnout of fans, especially for England games, indicates how much the average English fan has hungered for an international trophy. England prides itself as the home of football yet can only boast of one debatable World Cup trophy won in 1966.


In a situation of anything would do, England hold dearly to a football achievement as the Lionesses sealed their greatest football triumph in over half a century. The English ladies were victorious in the final of the European Women’s Championship as they sealed a 2-1 win over Germany. The new European champions had to labour for the win after extra time at Wembley.

Fortune favours the brave, and it came good for England on the day. The first fortunate incident for England was the injury to Germany’s taliswoman and captain Alexandra Popp. She injured herself during the warm-up. Popp was in contention for the top scorer award with six goals.


England took the lead in the 62nd minute through Ella Toone. Germany were back in the game with an equaliser through Lina Magull with 11 minutes left on the clock. The game went into extra time that saw England stealing the win through a 110th-minute goal via Chloe Kelly.

What it means to England

The victory holds massive significance for England. Fifty-six years after the male team beat Germany to win the World Cup, the women’s team did it against the German ladies in Wembley. Female football is the fastest-growing sport in England today, and it just got a massive jab in the arm.

First, the victory will turn the players and their coach Sarina Wiegman into household names. The sport should witness growth in England as it has opened a new vista of supporters.

In the fullness of time, the import of the victory will become apparent for all to see, but in the interim, the football association has a massive challenge. Following the historic night, the Football Association have the challenge of harnessing the emotion of this vital victory and turning it into a radical change. They cannot afford to let this opportunity slip past them.

Finally, one cannot afford to undermine the work put in by the ladies to achieve this feat. At last, it allows England to sing – it is coming home.


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