Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals

Do you want to know the latest updates, odds, lines picks, injuries for the game to be played on January 15, 2022, between Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals? In this article, we will discuss everything about them. So, are you aware that the Las Vegas Raiders have made it to the wild card playoffs this season in the NFL?




They have played a very unusual game to enter the final playoff. At least, that’s what is now in people’s minds: how they have done it. Raiders have beat Los Angeles Chargers in the overtime. However, in the last few moments, both team members were willing to get in with a tie in that match.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals

The situation went to a condition that people made it controversial for both teams. However, after all the scenarios, Las Vegas Raiders won the match and made it to the game, and they are now preparing for the final tournament. Let’s dive into the discussion on both teams and get insider analysis and information about Raiders vs. Bengals predictions.


Raiders Vs. Bengals Injury Report

Injuries are prevalent in today’s play, and most of the team is getting hurt by it. Sometimes the result changes due to the injury of essential players. Players always try harder not to get injured before a big match like this. We will share both teams’ injury reports for you in these sections below.

Las Vegas Raiders Injury Report

Las Vegas Raiders has ten players injured, according to the latest update on January 11, 2022. Divine Deablo, who played in (LB), is injured in the shoulder/wrist. Johnathan Hankins (DT) is also both injured in the back and knee. Casey Hayward Jr. (CB) also injured their Ankle and cannot play in this match. Josh Jacobs (RB) got injuries in the ribs, and you know how tough it can be to recover.


Andre James (C) has got a foot injury, and this game is all about afoot. You must get fit to participate in this game. Tre’von Moehring (S) got pain in their shoulder and cannot play in this match. Foster Moreau (TE) has an injury in both the abdomen and Ankle.

Denzel Perryman has got injuries in his wrist. Hunter Renfrow has injuries in his hip and cannot play in this match. Last but not least, Darren Waller (TE) has got injuries in his knee and is out of the match for now.

All team members are essential for the team, and if they cannot play this match, it is their bad luck. However, we wish for all of them to recover from the injury and get back in the field again because that’s where you guys belong.

Cincinnati BengalsInjury Report

Cincinnati Bengals aren’t behind in terms of injuries. They got 10+ injured players out of this match, according to the last update on January 11. Ricardo Allen (S) has a concussion and got out of the game for now.

Josh Tupou (DT), Joe Burrow (QB), and C.J. Uzomah (TE) have got knee injuries and are not able to play in this match. Jalen Davis (CB), Vernon Hargreaves III (CB), Hakeem Adeniji (G), and Quinton Spain (OG) have got an injury in their Ankle, and you know how dangerous it can be if you don’t see your physician regularly.

Sam Hubbard (DE) has got thigh injury and cannot play. Evan McPherson (K) got injured in Groin and out of the game. Stanley Morgan (WR) and Cam Sample (EDGE) have hamstring injuries and are out of the game until they recover.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Predictions

Most sports critics comment on a one-sided game because of the opponent being Las Vegas. Yes, it’s somewhat true because Las Vegas is one of those teams that has negative points in their score this year. They are saying that the Raiders aren’t a playoff team, and additionally, the AFC also lacks elite depth.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals

On the opposite side, Cincinnati is doing great this season and played very well will a ranking of 8th position in the NFL scoring margin. That’s must not be an issue for such a confident team as the Bengals. However, there’s a slight possibility that the scenario turns around because Raiders have been doing good throughout 2021.

Besides all these predictions, it’s hard to decide whether Raiders can hold their position against Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, Joe Mison, and Tyler Boyed for long. These are the strong position for Bengals, and Raider would have to do something miraculous to hold against them for four quarters.

The Final Prediction from our analysis is that,

Raiders vs. Bengals Prediction: Bengals 33, Raider 22

Watch Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals on TV and Stream

We understand that you are here for information regarding the watch options on television or live streaming. Don’t worry, and you will get what you want. We will share everything on live stream and tv for watching Bengals vs. Raiders live. Without spending a moment, let’s move on to the next part where we discuss TV and live stream individually for you.

The match will be on NBC on Saturday night between Raiders vs. Bengals. The live coverage will start at 3 p.m. ET, and it will begin with Football Night in America. The wild card match will also be live via streaming online on Peacock premium. Below you will see all the details. Before that, let’s see some basic information about the match itself.

Stadium Name: Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio

Playoff Time: Saturday, January 15

Kickoff Time: 4:30 p.m. ET; Live coverage begins at 3 p.m. ET with Football Night in America

How to Watch Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals Live Streaming

We’ve got so many requests to share the tv channels where people can watch Bengals vs. Raiders on their television. The wait is over, and you will get all the channel names for your convenience. The match will be live on NBC in the United States and Sky Sports in the United Kingdom.


How to Watch Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals on TV

Now, most people now watch games on their smartphones or devices. We appreciate it because it’s movable and you can move anywhere without any issues. If you want to watch the Raiders vs. Bengals match live streaming, Peacock premium is there. Besides that, NBC Sports App also allows its users to watch the game live on a mobile phone or laptop. DAZN is providing a live streaming service for viewers from Canada if you want to watch it from anywhere in the world.


We hope now you’ve got everything you need about Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals match. We have tried to share all the necessary information with you. However, with time we will update the page with new information. So, stay with us for more details about the match.


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