Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream Date and Time

Maybe this is not what Steelers wanted. However, after a series of winnings, their practices improved their confidence and performance. So, what’s the exciting part? Yes, they have got a trip to play against Chiefs, who got the victory with them just three weeks earlier. We think they’ve prepared themselves for it.


Steelers vs Chiefs Live

If they got themselves a challenge to take on the Chiefs and fight for the victory, they could win. They have the resources and players in the right position to play for the win. Well, in this article, we will discuss Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs match.

Let’s get some basic information about the match at a glance.

  • Playoff Between: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Playoff Location: Arrowhead Stadium
  • Playoff Date: Sunday, 16 January 2022
  • Playoff Time: 8:20 PM ET

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Injury Report

Injury reports are essential for both the team authority and the fans who observe their favorite team’s performance from the beginning. Fans love to gossip about the team they love and share their own concepts during those gossips. Sometimes they predict the results and performance as well.

It can be devastating if a team gets more players on the injury list. However, we and the fans always wish for the best game and hope for no injuries. However, check the below sections and get an idea about the injury report for both Steelers vs. Chiefs.


Pittsburgh Steelers Injury Report

After every official practice session, the authority publishes an official injury report on their club website, and people check that out regularly. Sometimes, people are not aware enough of the source of information. That’s why they search for it.

And as a fan, you should know the team’s current situation. Whether the current team formation has changed due to the injury, or someone else has got out of the team due to any reason. All these updates you can get from here in this article.


Now, let’s check the latest injury report of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the below list.

  • Najee Harris did not practice on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but he is on the final participation list with his name on the questionable list.

Steelers have got no players on the out list, and it’s becoming their strength. Their performance will show their dedication in a practice session. However, it’s a good sign to have less injured players on the list. Let’s hope for the best and move on to Kansas City Chiefs’ official injury report.

Kansas City Chiefs Injury Report

Chiefs’ official website publishes injury reports every day after the practice session. Like that, the last practice session happened on Friday, and they released an official injury report on their website. There is nothing to say about the potential players participating in the practice session.

Fans and followers wait for that report and analysis on that report. Because any changes from the current team format can change the game drastically. If any significant players got injured and got out of the match, it is bad news for the game and the fans who love them.

Here is the Chiefs’ final injury report of the week with official injury designations:

  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s practice was limited on Wednesday, but they did not practice on Thursday and Friday. His name was on the Out list in the final injury list.
  • Darrel Williams was on the limited practice list on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well. He is one of the questionable lists on the final injury list.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Predictions

The Steelers are just slipped into the postseason matches. On top of that, Cleaveland Brown and Baltimore Ravens we down in the final two regular-season tournaments. Also, they got some assistance from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Las Vegas Raiders. These winnings helped QB Ben Roethlisberger extend his career for at least one more game. However, who knows there’s upsetting something waiting for him during the season.

The Chiefs have a good time in this season. Specifically, they have got a victory against Steelers by a 36-10 score in week 16. They got 10.5 points on that match as 44.5 over that week. For Chiefs, there’s some good news, and it looks like WR Tyreek Hill has practiced all week. That signifies his presence and potentially notifies that he’s going to play in the final playoff. He also doesn’t list on the injury list, so the wait is over, and it’s time to get in the field.

Watch Steelers vs Chiefs on TV and Stream

Watching the game on any device from anywhere in the world is not something you can’t afford or get. Most of the TV channels are now offering their mobile applications or live streaming their broadcasting on the smart television.

It helps people get a diverse watch experience and enjoy the game like the way they want. We have shared both options for you, and you can use them if you wish to watch the game on television or on the smart device you want.

How to Watch Steelers vs Chiefs Live Streaming

Do you want to watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs match live streaming without interruptions? Well, most fans want this and regularly send queries related to it. We have always dedicated this website to inform about the latest information about all the games and their watch options. Not bringing any changes to it, we want to inform you that if you’re going to watch the match on live streaming online on your smart device, we have two different ways for you.

  • Peacock if you live in the United States.
  • NFL Game Pass if you live in the United Kingdom.
  • DAZN if you live in Canada.
  • Contact NFL.COM if your country is different from the mentioned one in the above list.

How to Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs on Tv

Now, some of the fans may want to watch the match on their television or through tv channel. Yes, some people out there love to watch the game sitting on their cozy sofa and watch the game together with friends and family. We have something special for them too. Follow the below list if you want to watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs on Tv.

  • NBC if you live in the United States
  • Sky Sports NFL if you live in the United Kingdom
  • DAZN if you live in Canada
  • ESPN if you live in other countries where ESPN offers the service

Steelers vs Chiefs Live

Now that we have shared everything we got on Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs, it’s time for you to check all the details and comment on what you thought. On our website, we are trying to share information that is relevant to the fans who are sending queries about. And also, about the latest news and updates for NFL games for you.

Both teams have millions of fans globally. So, they are waiting to watch their favorite players get on the fields and fight for their victory. We hope for the best, and fans want to enjoy the game in their highest interests. If you’re going to get the live updates and other latest information about the match, keep this page saved on your browser, we will update it with live information during the game.


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