Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Stream – Watch NFL Divisional Round 2022 Online

NFL Divisional Round has started to take place on the ground, and teams are preparing themselves for this season. However, on 22nd Jan 2022, Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals will be on the ground playing against each other.


Fans were super excited before the dates were announced. Now everything is decided, and it’s recommended to know the basic information about the match. Let’s try to see the details at a glance in the below section.

Titans vs Bengals Live

  • Match Between: Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • Game Venue: Nissan Stadium in Nashville
  • Game Date: 22.01.2022
  • Gane Day: Saturday
  • Game Time: 4:30 PM ET

Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals Injury Reports

Injury reports are that information that allows their fans and other people to want to understand things like predictions, results etc. The NFL’s official authority allows all teams to submit their own injury report after every practiced day. Below is the official injury report summary for Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals.


Tennessee Titans Injury Report

Tennessee Titans will be playing on their home ground and hopefully perform better than before. However, they are regularly publishing their injury reports to inform others to know the current situation of the squads. Only one player faced the injury case in the last publication on 20th Jan 2020. Let’s check the details about it.

Greg Mabin was on reserve position for a few days, but recently it changed to none. On 20thg Jan 2022, he was officially put outside due to IR-reserve for the big match like Cincinnati Bengals.


Cincinnati Bengals Injury Report

Cincinnati Bengals are also suffering from injury reports in the last week. They have three vial players on injury, and to make sure that you know them, we have collected all the information for you. Let’s check their final injury report.

Joe Bachie is taken to the reserve section and tested for covid-19. The result and the reason for this absence are not being disclosed yet.


Akeem Davis-Gaither is got an injury in their foot, and he was not present in the practice session. However, he is currently on reserve for the latest match. And we hope he will return for the game Against. Jordan Evans is also facing injury in his knee, and it may take him outside of the match because his injury may take more time to heal.

Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals: Predictions

Bengals have won the last three matches against Titans but not in Titan’s home ground. Titans play like their game on the home ground, and they play to win it. Not this time only. The Bengals haven’t won any matches in Titan’s home ground since 1991. In January 1991, that happened when Houston Oilers massively lost one game to the Bengals, and the score was 41-14.

So, why are people so excited about that match or what happened that everybody remembered that match? People recognized that match because, in the following week, Cincinnati won a game against Raiders in the divisional round. Until the last week, it was the last playoff win for the Bengals. But the joy of winning was very short because Raiders won the match on 13th Jan 1991.

Now the time has come, and the opponent has been reversed. The Bengals have got the chance to revitalize the winning again, and this time it will last longer. Their opponent will rush to keep them busy at the 100 yards.

Prediction: Titans 26, Bengals 36

Watch Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals on TV and Stream

Fans are waited for so long to watch Titans and Bengals fight each other in the match. Both of those teams got many fans and followers. People who love their play will surely come to see the game live on the ground. However, the live tickets are not available now. So, to make it less complicated for you, we have done the homework and collected the most authentic and legal source for watching Titans vs. Bengals on tv and stream.

How to Watch Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals on Tv?

The game will air nationally on CBS. In the Bengals’ home region, it will be carried by WKRC-TV (Ch. 12) in Cincinnati, WHIO-TV (Ch. 7) in Dayton and on WKYT-TV (Ch. 27) in Lexington.

Want to watch Titans vs. Bengals on television as your home? Don’t worry, and we have shared everything that may help you guide certain things. The match will be on life soon, and the CBS channel will broadcast nationally.

WKRC-TV will broadcast it in Cincinnati because it is their home ground. You guys can watch the match live on television for people living in Dayton if you have access to WHIO-TV. Also, people in Lexington can watch the live match on WKYT without any interruptions.

How to Watch Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Streaming?

If you want to watch Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals on live streaming, you can do that too. Our experts have analyzed and come out with the most reputed and legal Titans vs. Bengals tv live streaming online using legal methods.

Paramount+ online TV and fuboTV are broadcasting the match on live streaming through their website. Now, if you want to watch it on your smart devices like mobile or laptop, you can do it. They have packages for you to choose from.

Other than that, the CBS television channel has the streaming rights for all matches. All you need is to choose which package you need and complete the payment process.

Remember all these providers have a free trial period which is used to let customers know their services. If you think it’s good for you, we

Titans vs Bengals Live

We are at the end of our discussion because the game is about to start today, and people are trying to find how to watch the match online without any issues. The Cincinnati vs. Titans are preparing themselves for a long time because they understand the consequences. We hope now you have every piece of information you need.


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