The Premier League considers stadium swap for weekend fixtures

The Premier League is considering a stadium swap for some upcoming weekend matches. The consideration is due to the funeral of the late Queen of England that comes up on Monday.


Football in England suffered a hit this weekend following the death of the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

The World Cup begins in November, with the Premier League facing a tight fixture schedule. The situation is worse with the postponement of the weekend matches.


The Premier League is seeking ways to unwind the spell cast on the league. They need to find a way to set things out properly to ease the fixture jam pack. Arrangements are in top gear to smoothen out the operations affected by the death of the Queen.

The Premier League finds itself in a mess

The death of Queen Elizabeth II stunned the world, and in a show of respect for the late monarch, the Premier League postponed its matches for last weekend. It has caused all manner of problems for the league which already had a torrid time ensuring the season ends as planned.


With the World Cup in November, the Premier League is considering drastic measures to ensure some of next weekend’s matches continue as planned. The burial of the Queen is on the cards, with a massive possibility of affecting upcoming games.

One of the measures considered by the Premier League is the possibility of swapping venues. They want the matches played before the funeral of the Queen.


Queen Elizabeth II, who died aged 96 at her Balmoral estate, was the longest-serving British monarch. She was on the throne for a little over 70 years. While the Premier League is still sorting out its mess, the EFL will resume midweek, while English clubs that have European engagements will also return to action in the next few days.

The Queen’s funeral is a source of worry for football

There are concerns over some of next weekend’s games. Some of the fixtures are at risk following the upcoming funeral of the Queen, which will take place on Monday, September 19.

Many people should be in the capital of England ahead of the state funeral. It will put a massive strain on policing, which could create a chain reaction that will affect the matches set for London before Monday.

Three matches are already in jeopardy following the latest developments. Tottenham will host Leicester City next weekend while Chelsea has a date with Liverpool, and Brentford will lock horns with the Gunners in a London derby. All three matches are at serious risk of not being played.

According to reports emerging from The Athletic, there is hope within Premier League clubs that next weekend’s matches will take place as scheduled. They do not expect any disruptions, with a few disagreements over the venues of the fixtures.

Some of the suggestions made are fixture reversals. It means that Tottenham would travel to Leicester for their game against the Foxes while Chelsea travel to Anfield instead of the Reds visiting Stamford Bridge.

The Premier League cannot afford another postponement, which means there would be no Premier League action for three weeks with the international break on the horizon. It could also lead to fixture pile-up later in the season.


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