Watch Egypt vs Sudan Live Stream Africa Cup of Nations

Egypt vs. Sudan is going to take place on 19thy January 2022. Do you know the latest update of the Africa Cup of Nations? Egypt is one of the most competitive teams taking part in this tournament called AFCON 2022 this year.


Egypt vs Sudan Live

If they can win over Sudan this Wednesday, their spot on this tournament’s knockout stage will be secured. However, we will share all the details with you, including watching Egypt vs. Sudan live on television and streaming online. Before going into the details, let’s check the match details at a glance.

  • Match Between: Egypt vs Sudan
  • Game Venue: Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, Cameroon
  • Game Date: 19th January 2022
  • Gane Day: Wednesday
  • Game Time: 07 PM GMT

Egypt vs Sudan Lineups

Who is going to play in Egypt vs. Sudan? Do you know the lineups? Well, most fans are eager to know the players’ names. There are players whom fans like to see playing in the match. So, they are interested to know whether their favourite players are in the squad or not. We are trying to help the fans get the list of those players and enjoy the game full of entertainment.


Egypt Lineups Details

Egypt has prepared their full-on squad for this match because it’s crucial for them to win it. They will be out before the knockout stage if they lose the match. Now without a moment, let’s check the list of those players who are going to be on the field when the match begins.

Initial Squad of Egypt: El-Shennawy, Kamal, Hegazi, Hamdi, Ashraf, Fathi, El-Sulya, Elneny; Mohamed, Marmoush, Salah


Sudan Lineups Details

Sudan is not going to let Egypt win in any case. They also have prepared their squad with the best of their players. So, there’s no doubt that the fight is going to be interesting. Fans are taking the last breath before they are on the field shouting for their favourite players. Not only that, but the players are also preparing themselves for the match and gift the victory to their fans.

So, you want to get the lineups of the Sudan team, right? We are here to help you get the list of those players. We believe you are a true fan and want to see your favourite team win. Let’s see the list of the players below who are going to be the initial players to start the match.


Initial Lifeups of Sudan: Abou, Elfadni, Karshoum, Hassan, Mohamedein; Al Rasheed, Khidir; A Omer, Hamed, G Omer, Eisa

Egypt vs Sudan: Predictions

AFCON 2022 has started being interesting for fans and the critics now. Teams are now starting to fight each other to enter the quarterfinal stages. Only those teams are going to make it to the quarterfinals who have the required points. Currently, Egypt and Sudan are fighting each other to ensure their place in the quarterfinal round and wish to be the winner of this season. As we have said earlier, Egypt has many well-performing players who play in different international clubs. It helps them to become the unbeatable ones i

back and win over them. It’s a matter of time that we all are waiting for to experience the moment when the winner will be declared.

Our sports critics and experts have analyzed this match prior to happening and predicted the two most possible situations that the result can match with. No, it’s just a prediction, don’t match it with the actual results. Let’s see what our experts have predicted about the match.

Egypt Staying Ahead at the Break

Our experts have picked Egypt as the winner in this match, but why have they done it? Yes, it’s a valid query that people can ask. We also do, but the reason is too simple for anyone to guess. We know if you watch Football, you know about Egypt and its players in the other tournaments.

They have the most amazing players in their team, and the combination, communication, teamwork, and everything seem nearly perfect. Now, if they can keep up the play they used to, we believe it will be a match that people will remember.

On the other hand, Sudan’s performance is not consistent, and that’s the condition you can fear as a fan. If their performance is good and consistent, the scenario could be different. At least, our experts have explained it like this.

They referred to the recent match in the Arab Cup, and you know that the match defeated Sudan by Egypt and the score was 5-0. So, finally, our experts don’t see Sudan being any closer to the win over Egypt.

More Than Two Goals to be Scored

From a different view, we and our experts are seeing the match to go around of the previous prediction in a different strategy. The match is going to be fun and enjoyable. We predict that there will be a lot of goals from both teams, and they will player their heart and soul to keep the game live and enjoyable. The reason is that, if they play good and perform good, there will be a hard fight and the team wins, will be top of the popularity.

Egypt has the right defense that can hold anything back, avoiding scoring goals against them. On the other hand, Sudan’s defence isn’t good enough to make the protection shield stronger than others. So, if any of the team held their defence and played hard on the opponent, they would score many goals in this match.

Watch Egypt vs Sudan on TV and Stream

How to Watch Egypt vs Sudan in the United States?

If you want to watch Egypt vs. Sudan from the United States, you can watch it on beIN. Because they are broadcasting the match officials in the USA, keep the connection fixed with beIN and wait until the game begins. You can get information at the beginning of this article.

You must purchase their subscription either directly from them or from the subscription provider in your area. The cable providers are responsible for it. So, you can contact them and get the channel on your television.

If you don’t hassle with that, you can choose Sling TV or fubo TV, and they provide an online streaming facility for the channel. Meaning is that you can watch the beIN channel online on Sling TV or fubo TV. They also have a free trial period. Just check their website, and get all the details.

How to Watch Egypt vs. Sudan in Australia?

Do you live in Australia and want to watch Egypt vs. Sudan live? Don’t worry, and we have the right solution for you. beIN is sports is the official broadcaster of all AFCON 2022 matches in Australia. You can directly purchase their subscription, which is about $20 per month.

However, there’s a single platform that allows its users to watch different channels online streaming without any interruptions. The name of the platform is Kayo Sports. It has been covering Fox, beIN, and ESPN, and you know that all these channels are the home for any sports event.

So, if you can purchase their service, it will be fun because you don’t have to think about anything else. You will get everything on a single platform. It also offers a 14-Days free trial to check their service. And if you don’t like their service, you can cancel at any time without any questions to ask.

How to Watch Egypt vs. Sudan in South Africa?

If you want to watch Egypt vs. Sudan from South Africa, you know that SuperSport is the right place for any African who wants. It also broadcast AFCON 2022 all over Africa. It broadcasts all the games via the DStv satellite platform. You can directly purchase their subscription and watch Egypt vs. Sudan at your home.


After facing difficulties in this AFCON 2022 tournament continuously, now Egypt has moved forward faster than any other team. They have won

against Guinea-Bissau by 1-0, which improved their confidence a lot. Their ball possession improved from 57% to 67%.

In their second match in Group D, the Egypt team took 18 shots and only four were run about to the goal post, but only one goal came from it. However, they are trying to cope with the trend and win the match against Sudan.

On the other hand, Sudan has played worse in this tournament. They have lost continuously for such low performance. However, our goal was to help you understand the situation and get information about the match you need. We also have shared the watch options for Egypt vs. Sudan.


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